Green Warriors

Sustainability summer courses for children aged 7-11 and teenagers aged 12-16                  in Czech and English

Think green, join the Green Warriors team and save the planet

Green Warriors is a unique 5-day course for children and teenagers who are interested in the topic of sustainability and want to adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle and attitude.

The content of the course builds on fun experiential activities and also on active development of soft skills. Most activities will take place outdoors (weather permitting).

Each day is focused on one energy source

  • SOIL (zero waste, world without plastic, recycling in Olomouc, decomposition time)
  • AIR (air pollution and air quality in Olomouc)
  • FOOD (buying local produce, how many km of food will travel before it reaches our table, the food we grow at home, the pros and cons of veganism)
  • ENERGY (renewable and non-renewable energy sources, minimalist lifestyle)
  • WATER (water waste, water cycle, water quality in Olomouc)

Why should your child join Green Warriors?

There are thousands of ways to be more environmentally friendly. Today's children (and let's face it, often we adults) don't know the answers to questions like "Who made your t-shirt? Will you refill your drinking bottle? Will you turn off the shower when you're shampooing your hair? Where's your fruit snack?"

What will your child gain from the Green Warriors course?

  • Think about their own actions and ask well-chosen questions to help them make responsible and sustainable decisions.
  • Develop their knowledge of the circular economy and their understanding of sustainability and respect for nature in a broader context than just recycling.
  • Identify what each individual can do for themselves in daily life to mitigate the impact on the environment.
  • Pupils themselves will be motivated to adopt a life attitude that will mitigate their impact on the environment.
  • Should inspire other members of their family and friends in their approach and behaviour towards the environment.

In Summer 2021 we are offering Green Warriors courses for

  • Children aged 7 to 11 (Juniors). The Juniors course focuses on introduction to eco friendly lifestyle and sustainability.
  • Teenagers aged 12 to 16 (Seniors). The seniors course is more focused on what students can do themselves to improve their lifestyle to lessen the impact on the environment.

Olomouc Summer School is a project under Česko Britská Mezinárodní škola a MŠ s.r.o. |