Summer courses for children and teenagers aged 7 to 18

Your local "Summer School"

Do you want your children to spend their free time meaningfully during the holidays, to learn something new and develop useful skills? Efficient use of energy resources, sustainable development, circular economy, new technologies, programming and running your own business are all topics of the new Olomouc Summer School programme. All you have to do is choose one of the courses on offer.

Why Olomouc Summer School?

Project work combined with a rich leisure programme tailored to each course. Experienced project and activity leaders from International School Olomouc with skills in project teaching and leading of leisure activities. Clear learning outcomes for each project, focus on skill development, group work and lots of fun activities and games to go with it - all this and much more is part of the new Olomouc Summer School programme, which was created under the supervision of the British International School Olomouc - iSchool.

Olomouc Summer School is a project under Česko Britská Mezinárodní škola a MŠ s.r.o. | www.ischool.cz.