Olomouc Summer School

Olomouc Summer School courses are an excellent alternative to the local traditional summer day camps

In the summer of 2021, Olomouc Summer School is offering 5 day courses for children and teenagers in three topics. All courses are offered in English and selected courses are offered in Czech. Expect a week full of educational and leisure activities and games. In addition to working on an exciting educational project, our fun leisure programme will further focus on personal development. 

Olomouc Summer School is for all

Although Olomouc Summer School is a spin off project under the International School Olomouc umbrella, our summer courses are opened to all children and teenagers from the age of 7 to 18, and not only for the pupils studying at iSchool.

Competition is increasing and the next generation needs much more than just a rigid, formal school curriculum! Our summer school courses are the answer to helping children gain a little edge. It is also an opportunity for everyone to experience how project based learning can work. This summer, we will stay away from textbooks and focus on current interesting topics. We will work exclusively in a team, lead discussions, independently research information, develop presentation skills and many other competencies. Since it is a summer holiday after all, we will not forget to have fun and children will take part in an exciting leisure programme full of thrilling activities and games.

The core idea of Olomouc Summer School project is further explained by Michaela Fuskova, the director of Olomouc Summer School. 

English as a second language

Selected courses will be conducted in English, however our project leaders are used to working with children for whom English is not their mother tongue, so even children who do not speak English fluently will enjoy our courses and naturally learn a lot of new things.

You can apply for a place by completing this Google Form. However, before completing the form, please check the course dates for Summer 2021 and our price list.

Courses on offer for Summer 2021

Guaranteed quality and know-how

  • Guaranteed course quality by an established institution (iSchool Olomouc)
  • A balanced mix of project learning and a fun leisure programme
  • Project learning with practical and concrete learning outcomes with each course (coding skill development using HTML/CSS Web, Java Script, Python with Code Avengers, Green Warriors will propose an improvement to the city's sustainability activities and Business Heroes will develop marketing plans and social media campaigns) 
  • All courses available in English and selected courses available in Czech
  • Safe, spacious and fully equipped grounds (the school's grounds are a large development located in the city centre with a forest, grass playground, classrooms and its own dining hall) 
  • Individual approach and team work in small groups
  • End of course celebratory BBQ for all parents and children - presentation of final projects

Director of Olomouc Summer School

Michaela (Michelle) Fusková

Hello! My name is Michelle and I am the director of Olomouc Summer School.

I studied BSc Business Management at Royal Holloway, University of London followed by completing my masters degree at University of Surrey in MSc International Tourism Management. I have strong experience in running Summer Schools, having spent several years as a Centre Director of an International Summer School based in the United Kingdom.

I am excited for Olomouc Summer School's pilot summer of 2021 - we have an exciting programme planned, built on foundations and experience of International School Olomouc.

Olomouc Summer School is a project under Česko Britská Mezinárodní škola a MŠ s.r.o. | www.ischool.cz